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North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge

Fly to Fort Simpson from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories or Whitehorse, Yukon, with connections from Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, or Vancouver, British Columbia. Or drive to Fort Simpson via the Deh Cho Connection, a circle highway route linking the Mackenzie, Liard and Alaska Highways in northern Canada.

Fort Simpson has been continuously occupied since the North West Company set up a fur trading post on the island in 1804. The site for the trading post was chosen because of its location at the conf1uence of the Mackenzie and Liard Rivers, which represented the major transportation corridors of the day. Initially, the community was named "Fort of the Forks", however, in 1821 it was renamed Fort Simpson after Sir George Simpson, a governor of the Hudson's Bay Company.

North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge

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Today, visitors to Fort Simpson can take a historical tour of the community or shop for fine Dene arts and crafts. Fort Simpson is home to the regional office of the Dehcho First Nations and it serves as the territorial government's administrative centre for the Deh Cho Region. The community is also home to the offices of Parks Canada, Nahanni National Park Reserve. Fort Simpson has a visitor centre, campground, golf course and services such as hotels, suite hotels, restaurants, post office, bank, liquor store, health centre and two general stores.

North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge staff will organize your travel from Fort Simpson and will meet you at a pre-determined destination such as the airport or your hotel. We provide our guests with a tour of Fort Simpson and a chance to see the community highlights before departing to the lodge in your choice of transportation.

There are two options to travel to the lodge in summer. Either take the scenic route from Fort Simpson to the lodge by jetboat down the Mackenzie River and up the North Nahanni River, or fly to Cli Lake by floatplane, 72 miles (115 km) west of Fort Simpson. There are no roads to Cli Lake. During the winter it is possible to travel to the lodge by snowmobile along the Mackenzie River and overland on traditional traplines.