North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge

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North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge's Guides and Staff

North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge

North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge’s staff and guides are local Dene. They have years of experience on the area’s rivers, lakes and mountains and they are happy to share their unique knowledge of the area, its wildlife and history with our guests.

Our guides are fully licensed and trained. They are pleased to lead hikes on mountain trails or show guests the best spots for photography, wildlife viewing or fishing. They are competent and trained in the interpretive elements of guiding.

Guests are invited to experience the Dene culture with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. We are specialists in wilderness survival training and we enjoy demonstrating traditional tools or educating our guests about such things as medicinal plants or the geography and history of the area.

Learn about the rich culture of the Dene. Learn to set nets and assist while the nets are checked. Our cultural demonstrations show how wild meat and fish are prepared and smoked. Our guests gain insights into the importance of the teepee and the smokehouse and other tools and techniques of the Dene.