North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge

Cli Lake

Canoeing on Cli Lake

Terry Parker NWTT

Cli Lake is part of the Mackenzie River Basin which drains an area equivalent to about one-fifth of Canada's land mass. It is a tributary of the Mackenzie River via the Tetcela and North Nahanni rivers. Cli lake is approximately eight miles (12 kilometers) long and four miles (6.5 kilometers) wide and it is over 450 feet (135 meters) deep at the gap. Many intermittent streams flow off the mountains and drain into the lake.

The water in Cli Lake is so clear that you can sometimes see fish swimming by on a calm day. Local people believe that it is one of the purest waters to drink and many of our guests have commented on its great taste. Cli Lake is warm enough to swim in during the summer, especially after a hot sauna, hot tub or hike.