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Options & Rates

The cost per guest is dependent on the transportation option our guests select and the size of their party. We calculate the per passenger transportation cost by dividing the cost of the aircraft or jet boat charter by the number of persons in your group. Whenever possible, and with our guest’s consent, we attempt to arrange split charters to reduce the transportation costs that our guests incur. We do not apply any mark-up to the cost of air charters or third party jet boat charters that are incorporated in our trips/packages.

Jet Boat Charter, Air Charter & Snowmobile Travel

Our guests have the option of traveling to North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge by jet boat or float plane in the summer and by snowmobile or ski-equipped aircraft in the winter.

Jet Boat Charter

North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge’s jet boat carries six persons comfortably and safely with a maximum payload (i.e. revenue passengers and their cargo) of 1,500 pounds (675 kg). In our experience, this translates to a maximum payload for cargo (i.e. passenger luggage and other gear) of approximately 55-60 pounds (25-27 kg) per person at full capacity (i.e. six passengers). The jet boat trip is 4-6 hours in duration including stops for photos, wildlife viewing and hiking. This option provides above average opportunites for wildlife viewing.

Air Charters

The number of persons in your party determines the type of aircraft you would want to charter. A brief description of the various aircraft that are available for charter is provided below. The second table provides payloads where payload is defined as the combined weight of revenue passengers plus their cargo/gear.

Aircraft Name Aircraft Type Maximum No. of Adult Passengers Configuration (Summer)
Cessna C-185 Single Prop Piston Engine 3 Floats
Cessna 206 Single Prop Piston Engine 4 Floats
DeHavilland Beaver Single Prop Radial Piston Engine 5 Floats
DeHavilland Twin Otter Twin Turboprop Engines 15 Floats

Summer Air Charter Rates & Payloads*

Aircraft/Charter Fort Simpson to Cli Lake* Virginia Falls Day Tour departing Fort Simpson or Cli Lake Glacier Lake Day Tour departing Fort Simpson or Cli Lake
Cessna C-185 Payload T.B.A. T.B.A. T.B.A.
Cessna 206 Payload 4 PAX - 1000 lbs. (450 kg.) 4 PAX - 835 lbs. (375 kg.) 3-4 PAX - 725 lbs. (325 kg.)
DeHavilland Beaver Payload 6 PAX - 1225 lbs. (550 kg.) 6 PAX - 1000 lbs. (450 kg.) 5-6 PAX - 920 lbs. (415 kg.)
DeHavilland Twin Otter Payload 15 PAX - 3000 lbs. (1350 kg.) 15 PAX - 2500 lbs. (1125 kg.) 12-15 PAX - 2100 lbs. (945 kg.)