North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge

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Hot Tub North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge

North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge

Guests have the option of travelling to North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge by jet boat or floatplane in the summer and by snowmobile or ski-equipped aircraft in the winter.

Featured Packages

A variety of tours and packages are offered at North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge. Choose a week or a weekend with a Nahanni National Park air tour, or a combination jet boat, air tour and lodge stay. See Quick Trips.

Visitors with more time may wish to try our five night/six day North Nahanni Jet Boat Tour, or opt for a custom designed hiking, photography or wilderness survival package. See Touring Packages.

Our Fishing Package offers a combination of river and lake fishing for avid anglers seeking a unique fishing vacation experience.

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